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“Be bossy,” said nobody ever.

It’s not the most conventional bit of advice you’ll get today, but you’re a creative boss and I’m a strategist for bosses, so I’m just gonna go ahead and say it…

“Be bossy.”

When I say “bossy,” I’m talking about managing your empire with precision, deliberation, and skill.

I’m talking strategy and planning, organization and implementation, systems and automation… all things an effective boss needs to have a handle on. Having a plan is real power.

I have plans. “Yuge” plans.

You’re a boss, right? You had a big idea, you brought it to life, and here you are, right here, right now, hustling hard for your dream.

It’s not so easy though.

You’ve got a revenue stream, but are you getting paid? You’ve got clients, but are they ideal? You’re “living the life of your dreams” as the head boss in charge, but what time do you really go to bed?

What’s your plan?

You do know you need a plan, right?

Let’s revisit those big ideas, analyze whether you’re making a worthwhile profit with the prices you’re charging, and better integrate your work life and personal life. Being the bossiest boss around involves smart planning and getting the most out of your productivity, a good strategy is your best friend forever.

No plan but lots of ideas?

That’s OK – having a vision is the first step towards achieving great heights. The next step is figuring out how to make your big ideas work with what you already have. Dots need connecting, and there’s no time to waste.

You need growth strategy.
I’m a growth strategist…

Let’s talk growth, shall we? Like life, your business goes through phases, and now that you’re done cutting those teeth and standing on your own 2 feet, you’ve entered the most painful stage yet… business adolescence, where you’re no longer a startup but not fully grown.

Worse than wondering what you’re going to be when you grow up, you’re wondering how to grow your team and gain those coveted projects and how to maintain momentum when you put that big idea into play.

And what about upping those income goals for the next quarter, ridding your life of the feast or famine mentality, or really understanding if you’re even spending time and money on the right things?

Let’s get you over the hump, unstuck and out of the dreaded middle, and on your way to where you want to be with actionable items that’ll put the “B” in your bossy.

Strategy, baby. You need a strategic strategy that’s strategic as hell.


(that’s me)

A good strategist (me again) has an eye for connecting those wiley dots that bounce around with zero regards for your sanity. They’re in your head, those dots, and they’re scattered throughout random notebooks, taunting you with the promise of brilliant launches, piles of money, and a business that knows who’s boss.

Show those dots who’s boss.

Don’t get me wrong, dots are the stuff of life, but they can be lazy, fickle, and defiant. Getting a dot to behave is no simple task and requires a steady hand and a solid plan. With the help of your friendly neighborhood growth strategist (ahem), dots connect, big ideas take flight, and suddenly, you’re back in the driver’s seat blazing past the intersection of scale up and the life of your dreams.


  • Kathy helped me determine my business' primary functions and goals and taught me how to focus in on the things that would drive my business forward. I continue to use what she taught me to grow my business and flourish as an entrepreneur.
    Meandering Design
  • When I start a project I tend to jump into the deep end of the pool and to say that Kathy Austin is my life raft is an understatement. I recently created my dream job, to produce my own comedy troupe, and it was Kathy who helped me see that my passion could be more than a side gig. As a creative person with big ideas (but not a clue on how to execute them), Kathy walked me through everything from branding, marketing, how to connect with local businesses, to the importance of forming my business as an LLC. What began as a small idea without monetary value has turned me into a small business owner. That would not have happened without Kathy’s guidance, cheerleading, and even some nudging (which, let’s face it, us creatives need from time to time). I feel so fortunate to have Kathy on my team, and know that the success I have in the future is in great part to her counsel.
    The Mother Cluckers
You need growth strategy.
I’m a growth strategist for creative leaders...
Let's Connect Your Dots